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Washable Montessori Toddlers Busy Board 3D Baby Story Cloth Book Habits Knowledge Develop

Washable Montessori Toddlers Busy Board 3D Baby Story Cloth Book Habits Knowledge Develop

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Washable Montessori Toddlers Busy Board contains handmade diys to satisfy children's imaginations.Rich printing and dyeing to bring a variety of visual experiences, while teaching color, shape, size recognition and life knowledge. Variety of categories to recognize animals and small common sense, stimulating language and reading ability, communication and imagination. Non-toxic material, safe for infants, strong stitches and durable. Gift box, perfect for birthdays/holidays, to cultivate baby's interest in reading and develop a reading habit.


This book contains a variety of handmade diys that satisfy all the imaginations of children.
Rich printing and dyeing color content to bring the baby a variety of visual experience, while teaching the baby to recognize different colors, shapes, sizes, life knowledge and so on.

Book itself has a variety of categories for children to recognize, recognize different animals, small common sense at the same time let children develop a good habit of reading. Can stimulate your child's language skills, reading ability, sensory ability, communication ability and rich imagination.
Gift box, birthday / holiday gifts, from an early age to cultivate your baby's interest in reading, develop reading habits.
The material is non-toxic, safe for infants, strong stitches and very durable.

Size: 240x200x80mm / 9.44x7.87x3.14inch
Package Includes: 1 pc Cloth Book

The new felt book:


Page 1: teaching baby to watch the clock

Page 2: teaching baby to recognize the weather. Remember to remind your baby to bring an umbrella on rainy days

Page 3: teaching baby to tie shoes, and do his own things

Page 4: teaching baby the correct brushing steps, protect his teeth from cavities

Page 5: teaching baby to recognize vegetables and cook delicious food

Page 6: teaching baby how to get along with the pet dog and learn the dog's life habits

Page 7: teaching baby to learn simple abacus and Enlightenment of mathematical thinking. Strong rope that can be used for a long time.

Page 8: learning to tie buttons and exercise baby hands-on ability. For babies under 3 years old, pls taking care of your baby to avoid swallowing. You also able to remove buttons for baby under 3 years old.

Page 9: Tangram made of thick felt, reusable, with Velcro on the back for easy storage

Page 10: Color matching and geometry shape matching can exercise the baby's hand eye coordination ability,

Page 11: Pulling out the radish game, teaching baby to count. It not only can enlighten the math, but also stimulate baby's imagination for nature

Page 12: The interesting game of big fish eating small fish, stimulating baby's imagination for marine life, which is an fun story!
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