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Reusable Water Bomb Balloons, Latex-Free Silicone Refillable Water Splash Ball

Reusable Water Bomb Balloons, Latex-Free Silicone Refillable Water Splash Ball

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Unique Design & Eco-Friendly: Durable & bright silicone, reducing screen time & getting kids outside. Perfect pool/beach/outdoor toy for 3-10yro. Fill in 1s & no tying/cleaning hassle. Suitable for most, incl. kids/adults/pets. Mesh bag & great gift idea! Safe latex & watertight. Quick fill, fun at parties & hot summer days.


1.Highly safe material: The water balloon toy is made of high quality latex material, making the material safe for children's play
2. Water balloon toys are watertight: when these self-sealing water balloons are filled with enough water, they quickly fall to the ground due to gravity and will not burst.
3. Easy and Quick Fill Splash Fun: You can get several bundles of vivid kids water balloons, and you can easily fill each bundle instantly. Quick fill helps to fight back against your friends quickly. This way is much more convenient than filling one balloon at a time.
4. Suitable for many occasions: Our self-sealing water balloons are designed to release the fun quickly and easily. These odorless skin friendly water balloons are suitable for kids parties, birthday parties, anniversaries, pool parties and many other outdoor events.
5. GREAT GIFT GIFT: Our water balloon bombs can bring a refreshing feeling to hot summer days because they can be squeezed to create a jet effect. Introduce your child to a fun and joyful environment with this gift.

【Product composition】
(Each water ball) High-quality silicone ;
16 PCS N42 strong magnets, filled with water and not easy to spill

Packing: OPP color packaging bag
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